Baking the Perfect Virtual Cake!

If you haven’t read seen part 1 yet, take a look here. It has the recipes for the basic workshops we have 90% of our time. This part is more…exotic 🙃

Part 1 Basics

Chocolate Chip Cookies for Meetups
Blueberry Muffins for Ad Hoc Workshops
Marble Cake for the 90% of Virtual Workshops

Part 2 Advanced Stuff

Apple Kakka for Independent Teams Vibing
Alfaview Schwarzwälder-Kirsch Torte for Large Group Workshops
Crispy Galette with Mediterranean Veggies

Apple Kakka for workshops with independent teams

Main ingredients

  • Spatial.Chat
  • Mural/Miro for visualising your work
  • Slack for file sharing and asynchronous communication

A more egalitarian version of the good old trusted marble…

Part 1 of Baking the Perfect Virtual Cake!

A culinary exploration into the world of user-privileges and accessibility, and why you should use your tools wisely…and consciously.

To put it differently: The top 6 tools combination you need to run a perfect online workshop.

A few months into the virtual everyday that is now our professional and partly also private lives….and there is always 1 question when it comes to hosting an event, doing a workshop, designing a Meetup: What should we use?

By now, we have accounts basically everywhere and have run formats with different setups and requirements and goals. There is a lot to consider when…

Traditional HR departments focus on ensuring compliance and minimising liability for their firms, however, as the business world continues to evolve, there are new issues of importance — and plenty of exciting opportunities to help drive results. It’s clear that digital technologies have influenced people’s interactions, work, purchases and lifestyles, but this revolution has also elevated the value of people within a business.

The days of an employee remaining loyal to one company for 40 plus years are long gone. ‘Millennials’ and ‘Gen Zers’ have a great deal of control over their careers — and they’re embracing it. According to…

A selection of things we care for when we design and do learning experiences 📚

Hey this Julius & Seyda from EX Lab writing this week about our year. We reflect on what we were doing and want to share our experiences on how we are building our company.

The second week of 2020 was all about our Employee Experience Training. There were 12 eager participants onboarded, now waiting to join us on Thursday and Friday. I took the time to deep dive into how we set up our training. This week we will cover a few aspects.

Yeah its a team huddle!

What are we doing there? We check-in! I like to hold hands while doing it, to…

Lets look at the data and reflect on all the curious mistakes we have made 🦝

Hi, Hello this is Julius from EX Lab in Berlin. We design meaningful working environments.

This past weeks we have been pretty busy coming from our Christmas holidays, back together in Berlin to prepare our first training in Employee Experience Design in this year. The first week was all about Onboarding our batch of participants.

Things were a little hectic before the end of the year, since we didn’t really plan our training and application phase with Christmas & holidays in mind. A huge learning for us: Don’t schedule events over the holidays. Never!

We had 94!!! registrations on Eventbrite…

Project heads will have to shift their function from a top down organizer to a on eye-level facilitator of purpose, work and learning.

Kicking off a project becomes more than a briefing of what you want to do and who does what and when. Gone are the days of hurried project managers rushing to conference rooms, carrying a laptop to add the last few point to the project roadmap.

We work in times, where we need to rely on a multitude of expert colleagues that have special domain knowledge or experiences. Challenges have become so complex that we cannot master them ourselves. Organising work, structuring knowledge will lose its importance because it will get messier. What counts is to make sense on the…

Julius Falk

Curious mind — obsessed with teamwork and how to facilitate it. Co-Founder & Head of Experiments at EX Lab in Berlin 👉

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